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Haus - Aich - Gössenberg

Joining forces to create a single tourist office, the villages of Haus im Ennstal and Aich are able to offer a full breadth of cultural, sporting and entertainment opportunities that bears comparison with the best. While each town has its own individual attractions and destinations, cooperation in matters of tourism and culture plays a central role in and between the three communities.

Market town Haus im Ennstal
postcode: 8967
total area: 82,4 km²
sea level: 721 m - 2.543 m
population: 2.414
phone: +43 3686 2207

Village Aich
postcode: 8966
total area: 5624 ha
sea level: 680 m - 2.747 m
population: 1210
phone: +43 3686 4305